Welcome 10-Day Smoothie Challenger

Drink smoothies four summer strawberry, blackberry, kiwi, raspbe

Congratulations on joining the

10-Day Smoothie Challenge

Self Guided – Start When You’re Ready


In this complete, easy to follow program, you’ll be challenged to add a Green Smoothie to your diet each day for 10 days starting July 17th.

Rest assured, I am here for you during your challenge. Remember, no question is off limits or silly. Part of the success of this challenge is relying on support from me. Please feel free to reach out anytime during your challenge to: karinettel@hawaii.rr.com

First: Join our Facebook Support Group. This is where we’ll meet and support each other during the challenge, share recipes and more. There is also a lot of useful information from past challenges that you may be interested in.

Second: Please download the following materials and review at your convenience. (Please do not share these materials outside of our challenge group. This program is designed to be supported by me and not solely through the materials. I appreciate your support in this area.)

Smoothie Challenge Handbook

Super Shake Guide


Please take a look at the calendar on Page 6 of your Handbook so you can plan and prepare for the 10 days. Schedule important dates in to your personal calendar!

I will be in touch soon with additional information and tips for your 10-Day Smoothie Challenge. Meanwhile, please feel free to post questions and comments to our Facebook Group.

Aloha, Kari


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