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Ready to improve your health and get the body you’ve always wanted?

  • Is your goal to lose weight?
  • Get in the best shape of your life?
  • Gain control over your food choices?
  • Have more energy and confidence?

Say goodbye to guess work and take control of your health and fitness with me via my online coaching program.


What is online coaching? 

This proven fitness and nutrition curriculum, is delivered to you on a daily basis via your phone or home computer. It mixes accountability with education, to create healthy eating and fitness habits that last a lifetime! The yearlong program includes daily lessons, bi-weekly habits, progress updates and workout routines. Plus, you also get to work front-and-center with me as your coach. I’ll be able to guide and support you answering your questions, offering encouragement, and tracking your progress. I am a certified Nutrition Coach with this proven nutrition program that has been peer reviewed for safety and effectiveness, and is highly sought after.

Ready to Change Your Life?

New Group Starts 9/1 – $99 a month

The curriculum provided via private online Dashboard delivers:

online program
Your Private Online Dashboard
  • daily lessons
  • bi-weekly habits
  • progress updates
  • workout routines – designed for home or gym
  • personal coaching & accountability
  • unlimited feedback

This program changes lives through proven strategies that help you get that body you have always wanted. If you’ve tried other diet and workout programs that didn’t give you the lasting results you were after, this program will change that. This program offers a proven practice-based approach to adding healthy habits into your life, one at a time. The result is a sustainable improvement to your weight, energy, strength and overall confidence. And the very best part is that it is fully customizable to your personal health and fitness goals.

This Program Changes Lives!

What a Day Looks Like

ProCoach Online
Daily curriculum delivered via your phone or computer.
Nutrition Curriculum:

Daily, you’ll log in to your private online dashboard and receive eating and nutrition lessons based on your personal goals. You will also receive bi-weekly habits to practice. As your coach, I’ll be with you every step of the way, recording your progress and providing you feedback.

Personal Fitness:

You’ll be guided through a series of workouts via video and written instruction most days. All exercise routines are designed by certified and seasoned professionals. You can choose from full workouts, at home workouts (requiring minimal equipment) or a quick workout when you don’t have much time.


This program is progressive and builds on itself over time. Those that complete the full 12-month program, have the greatest results.

Ready to Change Your Life?

New Group Starts 9/1 – $99 a month

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