Welcome 5 Day Detoxer Self Guided

Congratulations on committing to improve your health with your upcoming


Self Guided

Rest assured, I am here for you during your self guided detox. Remember, no question is off limits or silly. Part of the success of this detox is relying on support from me. Please feel free to reach out anytime during your detox to: karinettel@hawaii.rr.com

First: Join our Facebook Support Group. There is a lot of useful information from past guided detoxes that you may be interested in. (Under Files, you’ll find even more useful information)

Second: Please download the following materials and review at your convenience. (Please do not share these materials outside of our detox group. This program is designed to be supported by me and not solely through the materials. I appreciate your support in this area.)

Summer 5 Day Detox for Beginners Handbook

Summer 5 Day Shopping List

Summer 5 Day Detox Recipes

Summer Detox Cheat Sheet

Since you have chosen the self-guided 5 Day Detox for Beginners, you may start anytime you feel ready. I suggest a Monday – Friday with prep on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be in touch with additional information you help you along the way.

Aloha, Kari

Chicken & Asparagus
Just one of the recipes you’ll find in your Recipe Guide – Chicken with Asparagus.


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