Popsicles for Breakfast


All you need to get started is a popsicle mold.

Summer has arrived and it’s hot, hot, hot. If you’re looking for the perfect way to cool off, get yourself a popsicle mold and start creating. The formula for a guilt free popsicles is simple. You’ll need around 16oz. of a liquid and your favorite ingredients. Many recipes call for added sweetener, but I have found that it’s not necessary. However, if you want a sweeter pop, try adding 2-4 tablespoon of honey or maple syrup. Mix and match and have fun creating.



The first one I created was a Mocha Popsicle. I say created, because I didn’t really follow a recipe. The original recipe called for 16oz. of coconut milk and 8 oz. of International delight mocha iced coffee. Ack! I knew I could do better than that. So, I brewed some strong organic coffee and blended it with cocoa powder and coconut milk. Yum!


Mocha Popsicle


Next, was a Strawberry Chia Seed Popsicle. Again, I played around with the recipe I found for inspiration. I blended fresh strawberries, almond milk and chia seeds. Before I placed the mixture in the mold, I added some additional chopped strawberries. The almond milk created more of a traditional popsicle. For a creamier popsicle, I’d replace the almond milk with coconut milk next time.



Who says I can’t have popsicles for breakfast?

 It dawned on me that the ingredients in the Strawberry Chia Seed Popsicle are very similar to the ingredients for making Chia Pudding, which we top with fresh fruits for breakfast. Add the Mocha Popsicle for your caffeine boost – and you’re morning is all set!


For some recipe inspiration, I’ve created a Popsicle Board in my Pinterest. Mix and match, and have fun. Be sure to share pictures of the popsicles you create. Happy summer!