10 Clues You Might Be Dehydrated

Dehydration happens when your body does not have as much water and fluids as it needs to work properly. Water makes up 60-80% of our entire body mass, so it makes sense that when we don’t consume enough, all kinds of issues start to occur! We need to consume plenty of water each day to ensure that our body works its best. If you’re not getting enough water, your body will send you clues that let you know you need to drink up! 

1. Your Head Is Pounding

This causes your blood vessels to dilate and your headache to start. Before you grab for a OTC pain reliever, try rehydrating.

2. Pipes Are Clogged

If you don’t have enough water in your system, your body won’t be able to move your food waste efficiently, resulting in constipation.  

3. Standing Up Makes You Dizzy

Without enough water in your system, your blood volume and pressure drops causing us to feel light headed or dizzy. One of the key signs of dehydration is when you stand up quickly and get a sudden rush of lightheadedness. 

4. Hunger Cues Are Increased

Early signs that you need to drink more can be as subtle as feeling peckish more often. If you’ve recently eaten and don’t think you should be hungry yet, try a glass of water instead and see for yourself!

5. Your Pee Is Extra Yellow 

An obvious sign of dehydration is when your pee has turned a darker shade of yellow. This means your urine is over-concentrated with waste.

6. All You Can Think About Is Sleep

When you can’t shake feelings of fatigue, it may be time to up your water intake!

7. Things Are Heating Up

Your body requires adequate water to regulate body temperature. When we overheat, we sweat! Sweat helps the body to lower its temperature through evaporative cooling. Because sweat is mostly made up of water, when you’re dehydrated, you won’t sweat much, and can quickly overheat.

8. A Dry Mouth Sets In

An obvious indicator that your body is desperate for hydration is a dry mouth and slightly swollen tongue. Your mouth is a naturally moist environment, so when it’s dry, it’s time to grab a glass! 

9. Muscles Start Cramping

Adequate hydration and electrolyte balance is essential for proper muscle contraction. When you’re dehydrated, your electrolyte balance is affected.

10. Your Skin Just Isn’t Bouncing Back

To keep skin looking young and to prevent sagging, hydration is important. A simple test to see if you’re dehydrated is the ‘pinch test’. Pinching your skin to see how fast it bounces back. If it snaps back to normal quickly, you’re hydrated. If it takes a while, you’re likely in need of some hydration!