Everything you need to know about healthy fats

by Emily Laurence, March 17, 2017

Fat makes you fat? Not true, of course. In fact, healthy fats can extend your life, studies show, and they actually give your skin—and even your brain—a boost. (Hello, omega-3s!) And among the wellness-savvy set, the ketogenic diet is seriously trending.

But should you really add butter to your coffee? Are supplements the best way to get your fill of fatty acids? And can you OD on avocados? (Asking for a friend….) While fat is no longer demonized as a diet no-no, there are still a lot of misconceptions out there.

To set the record straight once and for all, I tapped Minimal Wellness nutritionist Rebecca Shern, RD, to answer the most pressing questions.

Keep reading for a complete rundown on the formerly shunned nutrient.