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I have tried an elimination diet a couple times to test myself for gluten intolerance  and I don’t believe I qualify. However, I definitely feel better when I don’t consume gluten. Here’s a great article that breaks it down.

The New Potato – March 8th, 2017

What’s the deal with gluten? We hear all the time that we should be cutting it out for various reasons: it causes brain fog, leaky gut, chronic inflammation, the list goes on. But what does it actually do to our bodies? Why could our grandparents eat it with no problem? We need a comprehensive guide to gluten, which is why we turned to Dr. Perlmutter. He’s a leading doctor in the field of neurology, and he’s published multiple books on how gluten affects the brain. He generously answered all of our questions about gluten and more; read below for his interview!

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